Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ti Route 29 resplendent in bamboo!

This has been a fun bike to do. We have been working with the new owner for awhile now and have picked out everything on the bike. He wanted to do a Ti Route 29 but wanted to paint it with the classic bamboo paint. I have always thought that one of the best things about titanium was the lack of the "need" to finish it. You can always go back and brush/polish it to a like new finish. Slap on some new decals and your 5 year old bike looks factory fresh. I guess the problem can be that damn near every Ti bike looks like the next one. I don't think that will be a problem with this bike. I really like the way Russ left a little bit of unpainted Ti in the sliding drop outs. Anyway, this one will be crossing the ocean in the next day or two and I hope to be able to post pictures of the build and maybe even a couple of action shots. And oh yeah, how cool are those bamboo painted Ti Goat Horn handlebars!!

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