Thursday, August 28, 2008

Route 29 FS ride report

I've been riding the Route 29 FS for a couple of weeks now and have been very impressed. Coming from riding only hard tails, I prefer a fairly rigid bike without a lot of motion. The Trek Fuel EX, that we have had for a demo bike, has a very supple and easily activated suspension, almost feels limitless. To me, it feels like it is hinged in the middle and is always moving which is probably great for those who have always been riding fs bikes. The Goat doesn't feel like it is always moving but when I check the travel on the rear shock (via the O ring) it is definitely moving. The new Fox rear RP23 also has very useful adjustments. It is very easy to feel the differences between settings where some of the older shocks seemed to have very little differences between settings.

For right now, I have been riding the bike without paint......just a little oil between rides! Several of the folks who have seen the bike have encouraged me to leave it raw. It does look pretty cool but I'll probably look into paint in the near future. If you have interest in owning your own Mountain Goat FS bike, give us a shout. They are available in 26" or 29" wheels.