Thursday, November 12, 2009

Goat jersey design

This will likely be the final design for the new Mountain Goat/First Flight jersey. The black jersey has been selling really nicely (we just place our third order for them)but we wanted something a little more visible. Kris Henry of BLACKCAPstudio ( designed this on for us. I like the combination of subtle details but not so many that it makes the jersey "busy". We gave shout outs on the previous design to our friends at Fox Racing Shox, Cane Creek Components and IMBA. This time, we went with BLACKCAPstudios (for their excellent design work), Copper Door Coffee (makers of our new Mountain Goat blend coffee and Goat owner, and our local trail building friends at the Tarheel Trailblazers.

Jerseys should be available in the near future with either long or short sleeves.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Jerseys, Goat discs, spacers, caps and plugs

OK, I've been really slack on taking pictures lately but here are a few quick updates on recent Mountain Goat happenings.

-The new Goat jerseys are gonna rock! I should have the final-final-final artwork tomorrow of so. Regular short sleeves and thermal long sleeves!
-We've sold Innova golf discs for the past couple of years. Since they offer a custom program, we ordered up a cool 100 rec Polecat discs with the Goat Fink logo. These are great putters or just a nice throw disc.
-Restocking headset caps and spacers from Purely Custom. This should bring all the colors back into stock. We are also adding the logo alloy bar end plugs this time.
-Goat Horns handlebars proto #3 came in and the welds are much improved! (I actually did take some pictures of these but I was forced to take pics inside by Hurricane Ida so they were really awful)