Friday, February 13, 2009

Updates, we've got updates

Just a couple of quick Goat-related notes to let everyone know where we currently stand:

-Right now, we have 3 Goats at the painters: Darrell is getting a glorious coat of pink on the Hairy Kay, Sean is getting his Fox fork, Groovy Luv Handles and rims painted for the Ti Goat and my Goat FS is getting a coat of paint. On a related note, we got the Industry 9 hubs and spokes for Sean's Ti Goat. Silver hubs and spokes plus one blue spoke per wheel. Should be cool.

-The imported Escape Goat project is still on track, albeit the slow track. We have been working on finalizing the decals for the bike and tidying up some small details. It should be an exciting project and bring some Goat into a more affordable price range.

-The Grab On grips are now in stock and shipping. These are built to the same specs as the original grips and have been selling nicely.

-The second batch of Panaracer Timbuk II tires have been ordered but the date has slipped from March/April to April/May. There are only about 20 tires left from the original batch so if you need them before May, the sooner the better.

-It looks like Lynskey will be making us a batch of Ti bullmoose bars in the near future. I have been testing a set on the F-K-R and have really enjoyed them. Available soon (we hope) in 100mm and 110mm reach. Brushed finish $425 projected price.

-We've also been talking to Ted Wojcik about making some frames. Very cool guy and it would be great to have an East Coast builder. Things look good and we may be working on a sample frame soon.

That's about it for now.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Paintin' the Goats

Mountain Goats have always been known for their custom paint. The older Goats were painted by Russ Pickett, of AirArt, and when we started making new Goats, we called on Russ to work his magic again. Russ has done a great job resurrecting the vintage paint schemes for us but it is a slow and expensive process. It is frustrating enough to have to wait 4-6 months for a frame to be built but adding on another 3-4 months for paints can make the wait uncomfortable close to a year. Shipping to and from Chico, CA adds a couple of weeks of transit time plus about $80 to the cost. We looked around at some of the local guys and found Peter Weber less than 10 minutes from the shop. He painted one of our customers bikes and it turned out great. Here are a couple of images from his web site:

For more, go to

Obviously, he is more that qualified! We made the trip to his shop yesterday with 3 bikes. Darrell took the Hairy Kay to get a glorious coat of pink applied (Although Peter did as him if he was serious!). Sean took the part from the Ti Whiskeytown Racer for some candy blue. The rims, fork and Luv Handles will all be painted to match. After paint, the rims are heading to I9 for spokes and hubs. I took the Route 29 FS with a couple of ideas in mind. One was a take-off of the old California Yuppie paint except with a North Carolina inspiration (beach, Wright Bros., NASCAR...) and the other was the Goatful Dead with skeletal Goats. If you took a minute to look a Peter's web site, you know which one he preferred.

Hopefully, we'll some cool new stuff to show in the next couple of weeks!