Friday, March 27, 2009

Mountain Goat #30 full pictures

We finally got #30 all built up and have her up for sale now. Most of the built kit is from a Trek Fuel EX7 so it is heavy on the Bontrager parts. The frame was built up with an XL top tube but with a lower standover height and is correct for a 100mm fork. The color is a a heavy metallic lime over a black base and it really pops in the sun light! There is a full description @

Price is $2,499.99 complete as pictured.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Yet another Goat update

We got hit with about 6" of snow on Sunday which pretty much shuts everything down. School was out Monday and Tuesday and delayed on Wednesday....all from one snow storm. It'll probably take the bread and milk suppliers a month to catch back up. As soon as the forecaster utters the "S" word, the grocery stores are picked clean of sliced bread and liquid moo.

Darrell's Hairy Kay is getting the final buff job today and should be ready by tomorrow. Then, "let the assembly begin!"

I built the wheels for Sean's Ti WTR. The rims, Groovy Luv Handles and Fox fork were all painted a deep cobalt blue. I built the rims up using silver Industry 9 hubs and spokes (with the exception of a single blue anodized spoke per wheel). The wheels look great and the fork should be back from paint tomorrow.

The Route 29 FS is now black and I just have to finalize the artwork.

The "extra" WTR is at the local powder coat place. I picked out a lime metallic over black base which should look pretty damn cool. I just flipped through the powder samples until something grabbed me. This frame should be done in the next couple of days as well. Once we get it back, we'll build it up as a display bike for the shop.

I also got the call yesterday that the Ti bullmoose bars are on the way. We should have them soon in both 100mm and 110mm extensions. pictures when they arrive.