Monday, September 13, 2010

Vintage Mountain Goat Deluxe circa 1992

All of the first Mountain Goat frames used the ovalized Phil Wood tandem boom tubes for the top and down tubes. Later, when the Escape Goat and Whiskeytown Racer models were added, this model became the Deluxe. The idea was to give the frame a little more "give" for a little more comfortable ride. This was the "RAD" or Ride All Day philosophy.

More pictures and details @ 1992 Deluxe page (Twitter and Facebook "share" links)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Goat updates

Quite a bit going on in Goat-land which makes it a little tough to post more frequently. Anyway, here are a couple of quick updates.
-The Ti Goat is at paint right now. Russ is applying a fresh coat of Bamboo pain to a Ti frame, Rock Shox and Ti Goat Horn handlebars. This one should be sweet!

-Curtis has finished up 2 F-K-R frames which are also heading to AirArt. One will be a root beer brown with cream head and fork panels while the other will be the same except in bright red. We also had to convince Russ to pain and pinstripe some rims for the brown bike. Once this one is assembled, it is off to Mountain Bike Action for some testing! The red bike is a spec bike and is available for purchase. We'll probably build it up for display at the shop.

-Jeremy has another couple of frames in line as well. One will be Team Orange and heading to England while the other is (possibly) slated for a bright Kermit green.

-The whole imported Escape Route frame has been a supreme headache. The first sample frames were pretty close but we changed a handful of dimensions after riding them. The troublesome part was the drop outs, both frames ended up with distorted sliders pretty quickly. Supposedly, they were 4130 cro-moly which should have been fine so I am unsure as to what happened. It is enough to make me wonder what direction to take next. Doesn't seem to be a clear cut direction yet.

Anyway, that is what has been happening. As the temperatures drop a bit, the shop will likley slow a bit and we'll do a better job of keeping everyone up to date.

1992 Deluxe Goat

This bike was listed on Craigslist in Asheville last week. I generally don't bother looking at the bike listings since very little of interest pops up locally. This ad was forwarded to me by several friends who apparently DO have time to look at Craigslist! I contacted the owner and was able to arrange a pickup at his place of business. He picked this up years ago in trade for a 1970's era tandem and hadn't used it much since then. It was missing the top of the seat which was a little odd. Once we got it home, we figured out it had a stuck seat post which likely explains the missing seat. Someone tried to free up the post by using the seat as leverage and the post was more stuck to the frame than the seat was to its rails! After a liberal dose of Kroil, the seat post finally gave up and came out but probably gave its life in the process. The drivetrain is mostly Suntour XC Pro with Syncros accessories and Sun rims. It also uses Ringle Cam Twist quick releases and a Kona titanium bottom bracket. Not sure what the paint would be called but it has the Nuovo Flames over some type of camoflage pattern.